“Alan has guided me through the training cycle for my first Marathon and I’m convinced I ran a time (2-52) that was significantly quicker than I would have achieved without his support and expertise. His knowledge of the training principles used by elite athletes and his ability to apply that to my training were key to my success. He was also very enthusiastic and happy to explain the different facets of the plan he devised for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone who wants to maximise their potential.” (Kevin White, Spa Striders)

“Since joining the Beacon Hill Striders Training Group in 2007, Alan has been working incredibly hard to maximise my potential in running. With the correct guidance – and I fully trust it is correct as Alan has so much experience and spends many hours researching the best training methods and plans to ensure that we are the best possible athletes – we have celebrated many successes with the training group. Alan creates individual training and race plans that are specifically tailored to the athlete’s needs so that when you do need to peak for a certain event you line up on the start line knowing that you are in the best shape possible. His training sessions are varied and always interesting, and he provides us with regular information on elite athletes and their training approaches to help us get a better understanding of how to ‘train not strain’, and how to ‘race at pace’!  His belief in and support for his athletes is incredible; no matter what form you are in or what position you may be expected to reach in races – he always wants you to strive for that extra position, those extra few seconds you have worked so tirelessly for. It has certainly worked for me!”    Ben, (Age 16):

“Alan has really helped me to consistently improve my performance over the last 2 years but without reducing my enjoyment of training and racing. He is very supportive and totally dedicated; he has developed a personalised training and race plan for me and attends virtually all my races. His approach to training is very structured and we regularly review my progress. He gives clear explanations so I can understand the reasons for the sessions and how they are gradually building both my endurance and speed. Alan also takes the time to listen, develop my confidence and to motivate me, especially if I have had a disappointing performance. Overall, I have really progressed as a runner with Alan’s guidance as he combines both an expert knowledge of training programmes with an ability to get the best out of his athletes.”  Alice, (Age 16):

“I started training with Alan in the summer of 2013. At that time I was ranked 274th in the UK for 1500m but after working with Alan for a year I am (as of last season) ranked 8th in the UK for 1500m and finished 3rd in the 3000m at the British Age Group Championships in August. Alan’s training sessions have been a key component in my improvement as they are structured with a long term outlook and are tailored to my own personal race schedule, ability and long term goals. Additionally, I think it is Alan’s commitment to his athletes outside of sessions which has been key. His regular analysis of my training diary is followed by detailed feedback which allows me to locate weaknesses and discuss where improvement needs to be made to my training plan. In all, I have enjoyed working with Alan over the past year and his enthusiasm for the sport reflects in his coaching, and athletes’ performances. I would certainly not have achieved my current standard without Alan’s support.”    Sam, (Age 17):

“I have been advised, guided and supported in my running by Alan for the past six years. He is friendly and approachable and has guided me to national and international level performances. Alan is a good coach if you are looking to improve your fitness and performance. He consistently provides structured training sessions that seek to improve us as athletes. In addition, Alan carefully selects a race plan for each athlete to ensure they achieve their potential.    Alfie, (Age 16):”