Online Resources

The resources offered here are ones that I have downloaded from the web (where I have the information the original source will be cited).

These resources offer some interesting and challenge thinking on running training theory and practice. I hope that you find them helpful.

From time to time I shall add further resources, so please revisit on a regular basis.

General Training Theory:

The Conditioning of Distance Runners (Part 1) – Tom Osler – (A highly influential and acclaimed treatise first published in 1967)

The Conditioning of Distance Runners (Part 2) – Tom Osler  – (See above)

Joe Henderson: Long Slow Distance – (A classic resource from the late 1960s)

M & L-Distance Training (Nic Bideau) – (The Nick Bideau – coach to Sonia O’Sullivan & Craig Mottram, amongst others – training approach)

Steve Magness: The Build and Maintenance Plan – (Includes a comprehensive distillation of current scientific/physiological training theory)

Specific Training Elements:

Build a Better Race Pace (Part 1) – (The modern training method of building ‘Specific Endurance’ explained)

Build a Better Race Pace (Part 2) – (See Above)

Critical Velocity (Chris Puppione) – (The benefits of working at or near to 10K race pace)

Renato Canova (Development of Strength Endurance) – (The role of ‘strength endurance’ as a basis for specific endurance training)

Sprint Training for Distance Runners (Steve Magness) – (The why & how of “sprint” training for distance runners)

Individual/Applied Training Approaches:

Clyde Hart (Q&A) – (The training approach of famed coach Clyde Hart, coach to 1996 Olympic 200m & 400m Champion, Michael Johnson)

Trade Secrets of the Kenyans – (An insight into the training practices of Kenyan Runners)

Stefano Baldini Training (2004) – (The training methods of the 2004 Italian Olympic Marathon Champion)

Alberto Juantorena Training for 400m & 800m – (The training approach of the 1976 Cuban 400m & 800m Olympic Champion)

John Walker Training – (An article on the training of New Zealand’s 1976 1500m Olympic Champion, John Walker)

New: August 2015:

Craig Mottram Interview (& Notes) – (A detailed article on former Australian 5000m runner, Craig Mottram)

Rob de Castella (Training article) – (Rob de Castella: the training of the former World Marathon record holder revealed)

Further resources will be offered here in due course.