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Below is a selection of former Academy Newsletters:

Academy Newsletters (Archived) – C 

(Includes: a focus on appropriate training intensity and volume; athlete progression; and US High School XC strength. Athletes profiled include: double world cross-country champion, John Treacy; US distance running stars, Chris Derrick and Ryan Hall; and US Footlocker XC medallist, Olin Hacker) 

Academy Newsletters (Archived) B

(Includes: a look at the importance of “critical velocity” interval training; high school training methods; & the importance of “attitude”. Athletes profiled include: leading UK runner Gemma Steel; and US High School ‘stars,’ Grant Fisher and Andrew Hunter)

Academy Newsletters (Archived) A

(Includes: a look at modern and historic training methods for the Mile; and a feature on ‘front runners’. Athletes profiled include: multiple Australian world record holder Ron Clarke; British distance running icon Dave Bedford; & Mile world record holders Roger Bannister, Steve Cram, & Hicham El Guerrouj)