Recommended Websites

The following running related websites offer a wealth of interesting material.

Canute’s Efficient Running Site – A blog offering well researched articles.

The Run Zone – An US-based Running Forum with considerable insight and knowledge shared by its founder, Thomas Schwartz.

The Science of Running – Cutting-edge research articles and commentary by one of the leading US running commentators, Steve Magness.

New Interval Training – A fine site covering the most effective way to apply the principles of Interval Training.

Let’s Run – The go to site for up-to-date information on athletics from across the globe.

Joe Henderson’s Running Commentary – A blog by the one of the wisest and most experienced writers on running, Joe Henderson. (please also note the archived material)

Racing Past – A wonderful website covering the history of middle and long distance running, with profiles of numerous former great runners.

Running Past – An American site for all things running related, past and present.