Services for Runners

Beacon Hill Striders offers a range of very affordable options for runners (or small groups of runners) looking to: discover best training practices as used by elite-level athletes; understand the dynamics between training volume and training intensity; & to markedly improve their performances by enhancing the effectiveness of their training.

The profile of runners we anticipate would be interested in these options include:

  • Experienced runners who have failed to make significant improvement in the last 12-24 months, or who wish to refresh or re-energise their training and racing experiences
  • Runners seeking guidance and advice on a new challenge (e.g. running their first marathon, or entering age-group / masters competition)
  • Runners who are motivated to succeed by making a mark at a higher level of competition
  • Age-group competitors looking to be successful at county, regional, national, or international level
  • Duathlon & Triathlon competitors looking for effective training strategies to improve the running component of their event
  • Parkrunners seeking to move into higher levels of competition
  • Anyone looking to make their running experience more productive and enjoyable

Options include:

  • A Training Programme Analysis … a ‘MOT’ / ‘Health Check’ of your current training programme based on:
    • A detailed assessment of your current training/racing programme
    • A review of your training diaries
    • Short questionnaire
    • E-mail/phone discussion.

You will be provided with a detailed written “assessment” including general guidelines on how to re-balance and restructure your training for more effective results. 

  • Bespoke individual Training & Racing Plan tailored to your specific goals/needs and regularly revised to reflect progress. In addition to the plan itself, you would have access to ongoing advice and guidance through unlimited e-mail communication, and a weekly telephone consultation. (Plans are available for a minimum three month period for the equivalent cost of a new pair of running shoes!)
  • Supervised Training Sessions (in Leicestershire). These would be on a one-to-one basis, or (if appropriate) integrated into a Beacon Hill Striders Training Session.

The options listed above may also be offered to a small group of friends/runners who train together for an appropriate revision of the fees for individuals.

All fees are very affordable (with a small discount for students) and extremely competitive when compared with the standard fees charged by the vast majority of ‘Personal Trainers’, who often have no knowledge or experience of performance running.

If interested in any of the above, please Contact Me either by e-mail or telephone for an informal, no obligation, discussion.