Training Model

The Beacon Hill Striders ‘Training Model’ is based on sound training principles derived from the best of traditional and modern-day training methods/theory. The programme is designed to build and develop speed, strength and stamina.

The principles on which this programme is based are:

  • An emphasis on the long-term development of each runner, with a focus on establishing a firm foundation of fitness and endurance through predominantly aerobic activity
  • An emphasis on focusing on 2 key running sessions per week, with ample easy/steady running & cross-training to consolidate fitness and aid recovery between key sessions
  • Training sessions that are challenging, varied and fun (mostly in natural surroundings)
  • Training elements that are balanced (see item below) to ensure an all round development of speed, stamina, and strength.

For a more detailed understanding of our distinctive Training Model, please read the following documents …  

The BHS Training Model (2018)

Balanced Training – The Key to Optimal Performances (2018)