BHS Resources

The resources offered here are ones that I have developed myself.

I believe that you may find them interesting.

Should you wish to publish them in print or on the web, please cite the original source (i.e. Alan Maddocks, Beacon Hill Striders – Performance Running).

Keith Livingstone Presentation (Report) – (A report on the presentation given by Keith Livingstone – author of the acclaimed book “Healthy Intelligent Training” – to our group members in October 2012).

Predicting Potential from 1 Mile Time – (What does your 1 Mile best time indicate at longer distances?)

Training Analysis (General Principles)

How elite athletes train (The 80-20 approach) – (A look at the way that elite athletes balance low and high intensity training)

Weekly Training Mileages (High or Low) – (A discussion of appropriate training volume for teenage distance runners)

Middle Distance Notes (Canova & Ekblom) – (Some observations on typical 800m/1500m training approaches)

Notes – Critical Velocity Repetition – (A look at the benefits of training at “critical velocity” training intensity)

Notes – High School Training (Run Zone) – (Observations on effective training for teenage runners)

Notes – Pearls of Wisdom (Run Zone) – (Some fundamental observations on effective training)

New: August 2015

Training Zones – (A brief overview of the Training Zones that athletes/runners should use)

Training Analysis (Individual Athletes)

Training Analysis (Bernard Lagat) – (An analysis of the training of the 2007 World 1500m & 5000m Champion)

Training Analysis (Caleb Ndiku) – (An analysis of the training of the 2014 World Indoor 3000m Champion)

Training Analysis (Craig Virgin) – (An analysis of the training of the twice World XC Champion)

Training Analysis (Imane Merga) – (An analysis of the training of the 2011 World XC Champion)

Training Analysis (Nixon Kiprotich) – (An analysis of the training of the 1-43 800m Olympic Silver medallist)

New: August 2015

Training Analysis (Sonia O’Sullivan) – (An analysis of the training of Ireland’s World XC Champion & track great)

Further resources will be offered here in due course.