Services for Clubs/Groups

In addition to the services offered to individual runners and coaches (see separate sections), Beacon Hill Striders Performance Running Services also offers clubs and running groups themed presentations.

Examples of the topics/themes on offer include:

  • Developing Young Athletes (The Beacon Hill Striders Training Model)
  • Applying the Beacon Hill Striders Training Model to senior/veteran runners
  • Training Theory (A brief history, & a look to the future)
  • Balanced Training: “Less is More” (How elite athletes train)
  • Marathon Training Revolution: Why do the Kenyans run so quickly?
  • A Manifesto for the Aspirational Road Runner

Each presentation is designed to offer an interesting multi-media experience, including ample opportunities for participants to ask questions, &/or share experiences. (Participants will also receive – after the event – a short one-page written summary of the presentation).

Alternatively, should you wish to offer your club /running group members a fun, informal evening, you can book me to present a multi-media running-related “Quiz Night”! …

(Fees/costs for presentations can be easily covered by charging a small admission fee)

Should the above be of interest to you & your running club/group, & you wish to discuss these options further, then please Contact Me either by e-mail or telephone for an informal no obligation discussion.